Saturday, November 8, 2008

things you want to know

so i'm thinking that at this point there are 3 things you want to know about... the election, my pictures, and my travel plans

the election fell on a day that we had final exams so pretty much everyone was studying or actually taking an exam. i had an exam in the morning so i came back around 1pm Wed my time, 9pm Tues EST. The tv room was packed, though mostly w/ americans as far as i could tell. australians were asking about how the election was going and what the electoral college is, etc etc. considering i finished my exam that day i was pretty much dead so i didn't have the energy to deal w/ commercials but i came back upstairs and followed the vote on the internet while i was helping other people study for their exams. i basically stopped paying attention right after the west coast polls closed since it was pretty officially a done deal at that point. at least 4 of my friends came in to find me to tell me that obama won (they were all obama supporters as well). also in the past few days at least 3 of them have asked if i think he will get assassinated... oh well. it did, however, provide a brief respite on the constant american jokes. the world seems to be proud of us for electing a black man but they're all waiting to see if this actually changes anything. the aussies don't seem to be holding their breath since they saw their new prime minister do nothing but raise the alcohol tax and talk about censoring the internet. oh well...

my pictures:
to australia!
whales and wine day 1
whales and wine day 2
where i live
i'm too sexy... (hollywood ball)
julie's birthday bowling
send morgan to costa rica!
campus east harbour cruise
taco and tequila tuesday
within 4our walls
jackie's b-day party
juggling club party
spring break 08 part oz
i'm the classy version and she's the slutty/scary version (final fling)
zartacla pot roolf

travel plans:
leave campus east nov. 14 to go to sydney
leave sydney to go to melbourne nov. 17
leave melbourne to go back to sydney nov. 22
leave sydney to go to canberra nov. 27
leave canberra to go to sydney nov. 29
leaeve sydney to go home dec. 1
arrive in newark at 11:35 pm dec. 1.

interesting oz fact: rent is listed weekly instead of monthly.

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Mark said...

Love the rudd comment.