Friday, August 29, 2008

... and then I found $5.

So I apologise it has been a while since I updated. I've been having so much fun doing things to write about, the actual writing seemed a little silly.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Sydney for a day. We, of course, took pictures around the harbour of the bridge and the opera house and this random carnival we saw when we were on the ferry on our way to see the aquarium. It was a really nice aquarium but generally pretty similar to the one in Baltimore. But there was a platypus! You really don't realize how fast those things are until you are trying to take a picture of them... bloody oath! I always forget until I'm in an aquarium how much the thick glass in combination w/ the water really screws with my head but I survived.

After the aquarium we went to see The Dark Knight in the IMAX theatre... OMG was that an intense experience. I was apparently very amusing to my friends sitting on either side of me. They all highly recomend that you watch an intense movie with me, purely for the comedy of me freaking out.

During the weeks I have been doing a lot of paper writing/procrastinating the paper writing so not too much stuff that you would find interesting if you weren't there has happened. My friends have figured out my s.o.p. for telling a story so they have a go at me for it every chance they get but oh well.

The next interesting thing that has happened was the ball... although there is a very good chance that it is only an interesting story if you were there. I had a great time with a bunch of my friends and finally got the chance to wear the dress that I got for the Founder's Day ball and never got a chance to wear in February.

There are pictures up of all of these things on Facebook as well as a random adventure or two.

Right now I'm working on writing a paper and figuring out my spring break so I'll keep you guys posted when anything interesting happens!

Interesting Oz Fact: Television is half a season behind here because they want the seasons to add up even though that means all the holidays are at the wrong time.

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