Friday, August 8, 2008

Walking on the Ceiling

This post is actually not going to go on like a novel, for once.

Classes are seriously under way and I am currently taking a break from a 10 minute presentation I have on Monday. When giving length limits on papers and such, they generally tell you how many words it needs to be instead of a page limit so the formatting directions dictate the smallest accepted margins instead of largest which really sucks b/c they insist on a 4 cm margin which is almost more than an inch and a half. That's such a waste of paper. They also frown on double siding you work, which I think is odd given the measures they have gone to for helping the environment such as toilets w/ the option of half or whole flush as well as switches for the power outlets.

I have taken all of my pictures out of the little book I brought them in and hung them up on my wall. Once again, I didn't notice how crappy my walls looked empty until they suddenly looked better. One of the Aussies gave me some of this stuff they call blu-tac (because it's blue. They also have u-tac or yellow-tac, which is called such b/c it is yellow - they are creative when it comes to naming things here). This stuff actually works a lot better than thumb-tac back home. There is even a picture of a "Mike Mayer Show" dry erase board advertisement.

I seem to finally be kicking this cold which has been giving me hell for the past month and then some. I love anti-biotics.

The American boys I live w/ are continuing to make drama b/c they won't just keep the bathroom clean and they keep mooching shampoo, conditioner, and body wash w/o asking. Ness is on the war path... which is absolutely hilarious.

I have re-discovered the beauty of going out sober, although it can be frustrating when all of your friends are getting drunk off their asses. It's certainly a hell of a lot cheaper w/ few side effects - all though I definitely woke up feeling just as crappy this morning - very unfortunate.

That is my life at this point. I hope you appreciated the abbreviated version.


melissa said...

where is your interesting OZ fact?

You act surprised that American boys are causing drama, i thought that was their job!!! I miss you, or at least having you in the same time zone so i dont have to think about when i want to contact you.

Hezzie B said...

sorry... interesting oz fact: their mcdonalds don't have a dollar menu.

Kate said...

because nothing costs a dollar in this bloody country.

Hezzie B said...

a truer statement i've never heard.